HEH is famous for a specific type of hard-to-find type of hair: real human gray.

Most gray and salt-and-pepper wigs and men’s hair pieces are made from synthetic (plastic) hair, or very low quality dyed human hair.

The ones that use human hair for gray use the lowest grade human hair and dye it gray so the tone fades after being washed just a few times.

This means the either needing a new piece to maintain the gray you need, or wearing something that really doesn’t work with your base color / shade / mix of gray.

Even realistic synthetic wigs look, feel, and style like plastic, so it’s impossible to get a real, natural look when  choosing the gray that works well with your base color.

Synthetic hair frizzes easily, is hard to style, and looks shiny and fake, because it is.

That’s why we create our gray wigs and pieces with 100% human gray.

Read on to hear the amazing story of how we get our grays.

How we source our grays

Our ventilators (the people who hand weave human hair into caps) take the human hair from an individual source and carefully pick out the gray hairs from the bunch and set them aside to create out gray hair mixes.

HEH Human Gray

We have a variety of percentages of grays to choose from. All natural, human, finest quality. Be your best you. Choose the natural choice, real human hair.