Which wig cap do you need?

You’ve seen the terms; Lace front, French top, mono top, all lace and more.

But what do those terms mean for you and your client, and how do you choose the right fit and cap for your customers’ needs?

By learning more about your client’s lifestyle and wig needs, you should be able to choose exactly the right type of wig cap for their individual needs. Wig caps are not a one-size-fits-all solution so knowing these details is going to help make sure your hair replacement customers keep coming back for your expertise.

French Top

The ultimate in luxury and comfort, the quality of these painstakingly crafted wigs makes them highly desirable for wig aficionados and for people with sensitive scalp issues as well.

French top wigs are made using an extremely precision based technique where each strand is individually knotted so it looks as close to real hair growth as possible.

The invisible knotting is then covered with silk for extra comfort of the wearer making it a good long wearing cap for even people with sensitive scalps.

We have added medical-grade silicone to our Susan Sil line to bring superior comfort and wearability to French tops for people with alopecia and total hair loss.  High tech meets high standards all to make sure you’ve got the best wearing most comfortable and secure wig available.


Silk Top

Silk top wigs are lined with a layer of silk to hide the knots of the strands of the woven strands for comfort and to hide the knots.

Silk based wigs have a more natural looking scalp and tend to sit flatter on the head than their more affordable counterparts, lace wigs.  Silk wigs have the most natural looking ventilation and the knots don’t require bleaching or any other technique that hides the knots but can weaken the hair.

Lace Top Wigs

Lace cap wigs have an amazing styling versatility.

Part anywhere, wear your hair up, it’s also light and great for sensitive scalps.

Full Mono (Full Monofilament) Wig Caps

There are a few different types of monofilament wigs;

Mono(filament) top, Mono(filament) part, and Mono(filament) crown.

Because your scalp shows through the sheer polyester or soft nylon mesh, it gives a natural, real look.

Lightweight, these wigs feel much softer on your scalp than others and protect you from scalp irritation.