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Evelyn 100% Human Hair Piece

Welded Nylon Topper

Evelyn is a great topper for ladies who are looking for a light and breathable piece. The look is casual with a slight edge. It blends beautifully with your hair and covers a larger area.


Hair toppers and hair pieces are a quick, comfortable solution to quickly covering up partial hair-loss and thinning hair.  They can also be used to cover roots and regrowth, and switch up styles without committing to a hair cut.

HEH hair toppers come in 100% human hair, so they can be textured, colored. lifted, and balayaged to compliment your base hair.  With a variety of bases, these can be taped, clipped, or bonded for ease of use.

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Hair Feautures


Overall Length 10”


All available stock colors. Contact us for custom colors.


5” X 7”

Hair Type

100% Human Hair, Overall Length 10”


Weight 1.6oz

Available in 1 size: M

Evelyn - Welded Nylon Topper

Perfect for bonding or taping

5” x 6” (M)

Evelyn – Welded Nylon Topper

A. Welded Nylon – Throughout the topper
B. Double Layer Welded Nylon – Throughout the edge of the topper

How to Style